Encourage Healthy Plant Growth With Mulch

Encourage Healthy Plant Growth With Mulch

Add mulch to any part of your outdoor space

Mulch helps your plants by trapping rainwater and nutrients in the surrounding soil. To keep your flowers and shrubs in great shape, it's a good idea to add new mulch at least twice per year. Trust The Lawn Helpers to handle your mulch installation.

We'll make sure your yard looks neat and clean. You'll never have to worry about us leaving a mess behind. We also offer delivery services if you would prefer to handle the installation process on your own. Contact us today if you need mulch for your property.

Why is mulch important?

There are many reasons why property owners install mulch. Laying mulch around your garden or landscaping is a great way to:

Keep weeds from growing

Prevent water evaporation

Stop soil erosion

Mulch can also make your landscape look organized. To learn more about the benefits of mulch, call us today at 570-952-1255.